Essay; Advantages of Using the Internet

19 Mar

Advantages of the using the internet

These days, life without the internet is very difficult. People do a lot of woks on the internet. At this time, the internet seems as small as a village. Everyone can knows more and finds any information, easily. In the modern world, people help each others on the internet. Just look the biggest websites like Google, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker, Facebook, Wikihow, Yahoo, Amazon or etc. There are many advantages of using the internet. Free access to information and connect to others (communicate) in everywhere are the best advantages of using the internet.

Using the internet helps us with several advantages. Get online information is the fastest, easiest and freest way in the world. Nowadays, people need to understand more and more. They want to know the newest The News. The needed information is searched and downloaded by people every day. For example, around 15 million people use information of Wikipedia; the biggest online encyclopedia, every day. The most famous channels like BBC, CNN or Euro News play their live programs on the internet. Also, you can buy or sell every things with the help of shopping sites like E-bay. Besides that, social networks improve social life. Communicate with others is very important, today. Everyone needs new friends. Humans like to share their opinion with others. Facebook with over 500 million user connects many people together. Everyone can find old friends in the Sometimes, people make a good relationship with the help of internet. Playing games, chatting each others and sharing photos or videos together are the other benefits of online communicates. As a result, using the internet helps different cultures to get closer others. The internet rises awareness of people about social life.

Indubitable, using the internet is the best way for getting information and connecting others. The social networks leads and helps to social movements. Just follow the News of some Middle East countries like Iran, Tunis, Egypt, Yemen or others. Do you need more benefits about advantages of internet? Just Search this question on Google. Don’t believe in the power of the internet? Just go to WikiLeaks; an international non-profit organisation that publishes submissions of private and secret of governments. Achieving freedom and truth is possible with the help of the Internet. Eventually, the internet has many advantages and disadvantages, also. It depends you to how use it!?


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2 responses to “Essay; Advantages of Using the Internet

  1. Shiham

    October 21, 2012 at 12:09 am

    It’s vry us fl to me tnx to u and google

  2. hassan

    November 30, 2012 at 1:12 am

    iam also a student but i can write any essay !!


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